Snowflake provides modern data warehouse features; its architecture and security capabilities can be integrated with third-party tools ELT/ETL and BI purposes as well as big data and advanced analytics use cases with Spark.

In this article, I will highlight some key migration scenarios to give you an idea of how you can migrate a legacy solution to the cloud. In addition, some organizations might try to upgrade an existing cloud solution that is not sufficient for a business use case or is very expensive.

Data warehouse modernization is a hot topic right now, and many organizations are looking for the best practices to modernize their legacy, expensive, and ineffective solution using the cloud. …

Designing data pipelines using microservice architecture design patterns.

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Data is all around us but when facing a data quality problem Data Engineers and Data Analysts today will spend hours, days, and even weeks analyzing the root cause of an issue, 95% of the companies do not fully trust in their own data therefore reliable insights is unbounded. It is very important to come up with a solution that solves this issue.

One possible option in order to solve data quality issues is to use the “CircuitBreake” pattern in microservices.

A microservice architectural pattern is an approach to developing a single…

Luis Enrique Fuentes Plata

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